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Leo offers 1 to 1 Impact Coaching individual sessions and programs.
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How would you answer these questions?

Do you feel that others define you by your disability? 

Are you anxious about the current societal rhetoric about Trans+ people and how this could affect your life?

Is the way you feel about your disability impacted negatively by your friends, family or colleagues?

Are you unable to find work due to societal expectations of your intersectionality?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these, Aces Coaching could be for you!

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What Aces Coaching offers

Leo coaches those part of disabled and queer communities. He knows that living with intersectionalities is no "walk in the park", due to the ableism, discrimination, injustices etc many of us face on a daily basis. These understandably have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves.

One to one life coaching to people wanting some support in the following areas:

Developing confidence in day-to-day interactions

 The Burden Complex

Coming out as Queer, Sexuality and Gender Identity Questioning and Transitioning 

Understanding Ableism

Mindset around dating with a disability 

Preparing for employment as a disabled, queer person

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"Why I became a coach"

"I started seeing a counsellor early in my teens. This was mainly for me to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a young person with a severe physical disability. The most useful element for me was to have somebody to talk to who was completely separate from friends, family and day to day life.

As a disabled person, it is common to be weary of therapy due to inherent ableism. There can also be stigma associated with counselling. If one is in therapy there must be a “problem” or “crisis”and more harmfully, the assumption to need to be fixed. This doesn’t have to be, sometimes taking to a counsellor can be used as a check in and discuss the frustrations of everyday lived experiences. 

 For me, once I felt that I had done an adequate amount of self awareness and discovery about my past and how ableism affects every part of my life, it was time to look at the present and future. 

This is where coaching came into my life. The opportunity to have time and space where another person would offer up their brain power and collaborate with me planning the execution of goals, identifying and breaking obstacles and supercharging myconfidence. "

~ Leo



What Coaching looks like

One to one 45 or 90 minute individual sessions and 3 & 6 month programs 

Sessions via Zoom with in-person sessions available in the UK (programs only) 

 Access to a free online bespoke coaching platform called Quenza and tailored activities 

Program payment plans available, Leo believes coaching should be accessible to everybody

Why not book a free 20 minute Discovery Call to discuss your needs, ask questions and find out about how Leo works

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Programs and individual sessions centre around these 5 Distinctions:

Distinction 1

The Confidence Force Field

Developing your confidence to take on any situation with velocity and gain a deep rooted belief in yourself!

 It is common for us to lack confidence in certain areas of our lives. Perhaps due to past experiences, the messages we are told, systemic, institutional as well as internal ableism. Developing the confidence force field requires exploration into those experiences and messages to rewrite our inner narrative.

Distinction 2

Visibility Pride

Nurturing your ability to be seen and proud of who you are. When we feel happy and content with ourselves inside and out, we attract others. Freedom is experienced when we are unapologetic and unconditionally accept ourselves as whole. This can be tough when ableism and disablism constantly reinforces that it is less than desirable to be disabled and Trans+ people are not valid.

Distinction 3

Fight Not Flight

Building psychological muscles to remain firm, whilst fair with beliefs against conflict. The ability to fight or flight are survival necessities. However, insecurities can cause us to always take flight, rather than keeping consistent with self truths.

Distinction 4

Supercharging Your Autonomy

Growing our capacity to be our own person, according to reason and motivation. External pressures can cause us to conform to other’s expectations. Systemic ableism tells us that disabled people do not have autonomy over our bodies and thoughts. This is a false ideology and very damaging. When we are clear about your motivations, goals and ambitions, it is easier to consider our needs and desires, alongside those of others equally.

Distinction 5

Revelling Your Value

Discovering unique strengths, qualities and how to utilise them. Absolute self awareness is most powerful when we understand our capabilities. Being able to efficiently draw upon relevant strengths in different situations, makes us equipped to deal with any eventuality.

Leo's Areas of Expertise

Specific examples that Leo can help with:

The Burden Complex

Feeling that we are a strain or burden on care givers can be a familiar feeling for those of us living with disabilities, conditions and chronic illness, it is a side effect of ableism. We may need to rely on others for our basic needs, conditions may mean limiting the life’s of the ones we love. We may not be able to alter our needs and assistance from those around us, however we can unpack the feelings of “burdenism”, the guilt and lack of autonomy which is associated with it. 

“Coming Out” for the second time

For many of us “coming out” to our family and friends is a milestone in life, with the experience being one we don’t forget, negatively or positively. Nowadays, the need to “come out” more than once is becoming more common. We may “come out” again regarding our gender identity or a change in our sexuality. This can cause familiar feelings of anxiety about the attitudes we might receive and whether we will be accepted.

Understanding the affects of systemic, institutional and internal ableism and disablism 

Due to societal expectations and ideologies about disability, conditions and chronic illness, many of us grow up in an ableist society. Much ableism is passive and we may not really understand its effects on our wellbeing and how it underpins many aspects of life. Whether we are born with our disabilities, conditions or chronic illness, or acquire them later in life. It is important that we are able to reflect and understand; ableism, disablism, biases, misconceptions and stereotypes which can result in negative emotions and attitudes that we may hold towards our own disabilities, conditions or chronic illnesses, as well as those others have. Understanding and acceptance means we are less likely to self sabotage and have a better relationship with ourselves and others.

Listening 2

Anxiety about “being trans enough”

All gender identities are valid, transitioning can take many different forms and is unique to each of us. Unfortunately, societal expectations as well as pressures from inside LGBTQIA+ communities can result in feelings of inadequacy and sometimes feelings that we are not “trans enough". Feelings may arise when: we are waiting or unable to access hormone therapy or surgery. We feel insecure about “passing”, or pressure to “decide” on our identity. Support for coping with the wait and limitations of medically transitioning, as well as learning to feel comfortable and confident with our minds can help to elevate feelings of being enough.

Other areas include:

Lifestyle Changes: Guiding your rediscovery of your hidden positive qualities which are currently preventing you having a more meaningful and happier life

Time Management: Assisting you to examine current routines and schedules, finding opportunity to put in place techniques to maximise space for your desires

Relationship Analysis: Supporting you to maintain, strengthen, recognise and rekindle connections between family and friends

Anxiety and Stress Decompression: Supporting you to identify what causes these feelings and share practical positive ways, such as affirmations to lessen their intensity

Obstacle Busting With Gratitude Practices: This could be journaling, to guide you to uncover issues blocking the full potential of living your life

If any of the above has sparked your interest, why not book a Discovery Call.

Programs 3 & 6 months
What’s included:

  • Fortnightly sessions
  • 90min Session (Via either online video call or in person in the UK*)
  • Free access to the online coaching platform and app, Quenza
  • Regular check-ins and communication via the best method for you
  • Bespoke interactive online activities based on your needs and development
  • My knowledge from years of training, qualifications and lived experience of; coming out, transitioning, personal care assistant management, growing a business as a queer disabled person + much more!

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Individual Sessions
What's included:

  • 45 to 90 minute sessions
  • All of the above
  •  Session frequency flexibility 
  • Book a Discovery Call for Fee Details 
  • Consessions for individual sessions considered on a individual basis: Flexible payment plans for programs of up to 12 months. Deposits required before bookings of programs and access to coaching platform.
  • *Travel expenses not included

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